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New Exhibition in LA

downloadRock Exhibition featuring Vernon’s work.  LA, please come!


Mr. David Bowie from ’60’s People’


St. Michael Street 1968 and David arrives with Angie, they are both stoned and giggling. I let them hear a Jonny Winter LP I’d brought back from the states, unknown in the UK then.  He’s a sort of white Jimmy Hendrix David said. I lent him the LP, never got it back.

Upstairs in the house in Clareville Road, David’s trying out Space Oddity on me, he’ s got this thing he calls a stylophone, sort of weird grating electric sound I think, but the track is great.

Shooting the cover of Space Oddity with David, Calvin Mark Lee, Zin my assistant. I tell David the strobe is as bright as the sun, the ‘Sun Machine’ he and Calvin laugh. Zin looks blank. Then Calvin freaks out because he thinks Zin is himself twenty years ago. Happy days.